Mercedes Benz – Stronger than time


We were approached, by nice guys from Sehsucht, to help them with the first Mercedes G Class model. Also, with some building, texturing and shading for the cityscape at night.

Back in the first G Class time, there was no technology for CAD files, so we took care of a newer G Class version of CAD data, remodelling most of it to match the first “G Class” model ever. We combined traditional poly modelling with NURBS and CAD modelling techniques to recreate the first G Class CG replica. Fun times and we love the outcome!

Sehsucht made an astonishing piece, and our beloved car looks lovely in that 44 tones of Amber!


Client: Sehsucht
Buildings crew: Vlada Jurisic, Aleksandar Misic, Josip Vrandecic, Doca Mladenovic, Ivan Vasiljevic, Ivan Aleksic, Ivan Dragovic
Car crew: Vlada Jurisic, Aleksandar Misic