Mercedes Benz – Stronger than time


We were approached by nice guys from Sehsucht to help them out with first Mercedes G Class model and with some buildings texturing and shading for the cityscape at night. Back in a first G Class time there was no technology for CAD files so we took care of a newer G Class version CAD data, remodeling most of it to match first G Class model ever. We combined traditional poly modeling along with some nurbs-CAD modeling techniques to recreate first G Class CG replica. Fun times and we love the outcome. Sehsucht made astonishing piece and our beloved car looks lovely in that 44 tones of Amber!


Client: Sehsucht
Buildings crew: Vlada Jurisic, Aleksandar Misic, Josip Vrandecic, Doca Mladenovic, Ivan Vasiljevic, Ivan Aleksic, Ivan Dragovic
Car crew: Vlada Jurisic, Aleksandar Misic